Welcome to the vault...


Updates continue to roll in. I've fleshed out my about page - added in sections for music and movies (games to be finished in the soon-future). Going to be trying to fix the nav buttons on the left - I'd really like them to have an on-hover effect, but I can't get it to work right. I'll get there eventually haha.

Going to a concert tonight, and have a birthday to attend this weekend - so I'll be catching some z's over the next few days. I'll catch you later ;)


WHEW. I have done - a lot - of work on this. I went from frames, to tables, to brute force absolute positioning - and landed with flex boxes. I think. Hopefully. Big thanks to my mom who's a web developer. I think I'd have pulled my hair out otherwise haha.

Now that I've got the shape pretty much done - I can finally make the bed for the next pages. 'About' should be an easy one. Art is kinda...at least up, if not formatted how I'd like. Toys is also roughly in the same condition. I'll probably stick with doing my 'About' page next.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Things are starting to come together! I've been getting back to this over the past week or so because, honestly I love this. It's been such a joy to be able to build something by my own hand and to join a community where good faith sharing is the norm. Why did we ever stop doing that?? Anyway, I can't say for sure how active I'll be - I'm trying to keep this as far away from being a hustle as possible. I have ideas though! I definitely want to put together the next stages of the site and actually get to writing down story content. Hope to see you all soon!